Confronting the beast


The dumbest human I have ever worked for or with.  I would love to tell you all about her 80s bangs, sweater vests, and red talons.  Her slacks are from k-mart and sometimes she comes to school with pink eye and no make up on.  She didn’t know what a kiwi was until I ate one for lunch one day.  Her patronus (let’s be real, she’s a squib so IF she could muster one,) would be a weasel (and not in the cute Weasley way).  Do you know what, actually, just imagine a female version of Filch and that’s pretty close.  Feelings of sympathy are probably swelling up inside you (if you have a heart) at the description of this pathetic person, but SQUELCH THEM. 

She is awful.  When my coworker and I  confronted her today for giving only the two of us ALL 3’s (“meets standard”) on our end of year evaluations, but everyone else ALL 4’s (“exceeds standard”) she kept telling us it was “subjective.”  Which is kind of like saying I-Don’t-Like-You. 

“It’s because you’re new,” she said, “You know, you didn’t know exactly what to do in every situation, 100% of the time.” 

“So it’s not because of anything I did.  It’s just because I’m new?” I asked.

But no, that wasn’t what she meant, exactly.  “It’s subjective.” she kept saying, as if that justified everything.


Well, screw that, Mama G–I ain’t nobody’s 3!


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