Party Animal Over Here


My social life is as present as my boobs were at 13 (i.e. NOT).  The week after Kate left I went to all these little game nights and things and I felt so active. 

Then, briefly, I got a second job in a group home for teen girls with substance abuse issues.  After doing 4 hours (!!) of unpaid paperwork and training, I was all set for my first shadow shift starting at 6AM on Friday.  I woke up at 5, realized all the reasons why this was a bad idea (moving in less than 2 months, only ONE guaranteed 8 hr shift per week, an article I read as a kid about these girls in a similar situation who threw their caretaker in a basement and lit her on fire)…and NOPE.  So I told one of the boss ladies it wouldn’t work out.  But that was before I realized that I still have 2 books of theirs that I’m going to have to return sometime in the near future. Awkward.  Maybe I can just leave them on the doorstep?

Anyways, my social life now consists of hanging out in my room on a Saturday night with Yoshi playing Marry, Sleep With, or Kill with the ward menu (The ward directory is when they take a picture of every person by apartment and give you their phone number so that any old guy who wants to ask you out can just creep it from there.  Thankfully, I am just a blue circle named “Kelsey Darling phone number.”)


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