Am I a Bad Influence?


After a friend invited and then UNinvited me to dinner at his house (in order to preserve the delicate balance of the guy:girl ratio), he told me that he owed me dinner.  I settled for a soda.  Provo has a weird way of making every possible potential unique business idea happen, if only for a little while–like renting a puppy, different rice pudding flavors with names that are puns, tanning AND laundry, etc.  Sodalicious is an easy little drive-thru/walk-up hut that offers tons of soda options and mixes with clever names.  We headed there before Game Night. 

I got some concoction,I forget what it was called.  Your Mom or Just Friends, or What She’s Having…but I do remember I got it extra dirrty.  The taste reminded me of freshman year dorm drinking days when we’d mix Malibu with Hansen’s cherry vanilla soda.

When we got home I excused myself to my room and promptly spiked my drink.  I mean, it was Game Night–it couldn’t hurt.

Back in the living room I joined the circle and set my drink down.

My friend, who was sitting next to me, picked it up to take a sip and I thought nothing of it.  I saw the liquid creeping up the straw and as it touched his lips, I realized!

“Wait!  That has a little…”

Too late. 

“You just damned him straight to hell!” someone joked.

We laughed, but was it okay?  I didn’t know how to feel!  It was worse than when I would see someone’s garments.  I had just accidentally given a Mormon alcohol!


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