Full Circle


As all adventures must come to an end, I have goodbyed Provo and returned to my San-Diego-Living-With-Parents glamour life. Being in El Cajon for the past week has been a culture shock!

Everything is instantly sketchier. A thick layer of creepy grime covers the town. Going to the park? It’s probably rampant with pedophiles lounging in the shade. Going for a walk? Cat calls and leers galore (I will never forget the time I went for a walk and someone tried to pick up my MOM.) Going to the library? At least half the people are tweakers or homeless. El Cajon is significantly less wholesome and the people aren’t even nice. Even when someone is helping you, they do it begrudgingly.  Still, there are some positives to go along with those negatives.


Love It

-I can buy liquor (at the grocery store!) after 7pm
-Proximity to Trader Joe’s and World Market!
-I have tv
-Home cooked meals
-The beach is just a short drive
-Burger King chicken fries are back! (This is not exclusive to El Cajon, but it makes my transition a whole lot tastier.)
-Culture! El Cajon has people other than white


Hate It

-I may never see fry sauce again.
-No more Noodles & Co.
-Living with the toilet seat perpetually up
-That whole Searching For a Job thing
-It’s hot. I thought Provo was hot, but I think it’s all the sinning that makes the temperature even closer to hell degrees.
-I don’t remember how to get anywhere. It’s like I’m afflicted with driver’s amnesia.
-Then there’s the obvious…living at home